2015, Colour, China, First Films World Competition


Production Team

Director : Qi Wang

Screenwriter : Yang Xin Yan, Li Zheng Ming

Cinematographer : Dong Gyun Kim

Editor : Wang Ya Nan

Cast : Shin Akigo, Li Sheng

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Li Yang, Liu de Ji, Leap Production Shanghai, 2205, 1325 Huaihai Road Xuhui, Shanghai (Chine) 200031, tél.: + 86 13621 955 994, [email protected]



Li Yue, a Chinese immigrant living in Japan, returns to Shanghai after hearing the news of her mother’s death. She decides to stay only for a short while to attend her mother’s funeral and visit her son Cong. During her stay, Cong takes her around to show her the changes of modern Shanghai. But the city only seems to bring painful memories of her difficult relationship with her mother. She decides to visit her old friends and her childhood neighbourhood for the last time but her long forgotten memories begin to make her think about her choices in life. As the funeral date gets closer, Cong confesses to her that he wants her to move back to Shanghai and to live with him. Li realizes during the funeral that maybe she can finally leave her past behind, that it might be time to think about her future...



Qi Wang is a Chinese-Korean director from Tokyo. After studying film in London, he moved to Shanghai and worked as an assistant director in cinema and television. As well, he began making his own shorts and documentaries, including Secrets of Extending Life (2010), Caochang (2012), Auditor (2013) and CHILDREN OF MT. LUOJI (2014). THE FUNERAL marks his directorial debut in fiction features.



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