2015, Colour, Vietnam, First Films World Competition



Production Team

Director : Tuyen Quang Nguyen

Screenwriter : Tuyen Quang Nguyen

Cinematographer : Minh Tran

Editor : Phuoc Quang

Cast : Nguyen Thanh Tu, Vu Tuan Viet, Kim Khanh, Tung Yuki, Vietmy

Music : Chau Dang Khoa

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Tuyen Quang Nguyen, Leo Media and Technology Ltd., Unit 4.02, Thien Son Plaza, 800 Nguyen Vanlinh Road, District 7, Hochiminh City (Vietnam), té.: (+88 8) 5411 07 75, tutenmtek@gmail.com.



It was a full moon day in July, a day on which many Vietnamese believe spirits of the dead can return home. Mrs Yen was sleeping and she dreamt about Hung -- her elder, adopted son, who died many years ago. Why is Hung’s spirit returning? Is it to seek revenge for his death? -- Mrs. Yen’s dream is a consequence of the relationship between her biological son and her adopted son. When they announced their love to the family, Mrs. Yen was devastated. She could not accept it and her efforts to keep them apart may have driven Hung to his death. In Vietnam, as elsewhere, parents are sure they know what’s best for their children. But the spirits may not be convinced...



Born in 1971, Vietnamese filmmaker Tuyen Quang Nguyen graduated from the National University of Vietnam. He came to national attention in Vietnam for his work on the television series Dau Chan Du Muc (Nomadic Footprint). RAINBOW WITHOUT COLOURS, his directorial debut in features, has enjoyed critical and commercial success in Vietnam.



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