2015, Colour & B/W, Japan, First Films World Competition


Production Team

Director : Norihito Iki

Screenwriter : Norihito Iki

Cinematographer : Norihito Iki

Editor : Norihito Iki

Cast : Yasushi Tomobe, Irifunetei Senyu, Kana Ohtake, Maki Murakami, Yuji Akiyama

Music : Yusuke Orita

Film production and Sales : Prod.: MANABU ISHIKAWA, Gala Collection, #101, Daita, Setgaya, Tokyo155-0033 (Japon), [email protected]



Sangoroh, a rakugo (theatrical storytelling) artist, has a drinking problem and is annoyed by his supportive and loving partner Manami’s pestering him about it. One day, Sangoroh cheats on Manami with Saori, the girlfriend of his junior disciple, Komaki. Seeing how deeply hurt Saori is from her past marriage, Sangoroh feels bad for her and gives Saori the money that he and Manami and had saved. Manami and Sangoroh get into a fight which ends tragically when Sangoroh’s words get out of hand, attacking Manami’s deceased father. Manami has been holding on to the memento of her deceased father and has not been able to overcome his death. Manami flees the house with anger and sorrow. After losing Manami, Sangoroh finally understands how precious she is to him. Sangoroh’s mentor, Tsukumo, tells him a rakugo story called “Kawarime”, one that Sangoroh had long dreamed of acting in front of an audience. It takes this rakugo for Sangoroh to realize that he must get his life back in order. Is it too late?



Professional photographer and former director commercials, Norihito Iki has had his works exhibited widely at national and international exhibitions and competitions, in particular in Vancouver, Busan, New York and at the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial. His filmography includes: Tagboat, Art Line Daegu, Tokyo Front Line.



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