2015, Colour, China, First Films World Competition


Production Team

Director : Wang Fan

Screenwriter : Wang Fan

Cinematographer : Han Xiaosu, Andreas Thalhammer

Editor : Zhang Yifan

Cast : Li Rui, Cary Woodworth, Zhao Jian, Dong Chun, Zhuan Ran, Xu Yiming

Music : Cha Ainan

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Wang Fan, Beijing Film Co-Productions Co., Ltd., Wang Fu Wen Xin Condo, Rooms 35-1-502, Changping, Beijing 1002200 (Chine), / Beijing Novo United Films Co., Ltd. (Chine).



American choreographer Coen has come to Beijing to stage a modern dance drama about a woman who would rather die than lose her freedom. But he is frustrated by his failure to find the right candidate for the title role. Ye Men is an orphan girl from the Wa ethnic tribe in southwestern China, adopted and brought up by a local woman in a free and easy atmosphere. One night during a village revel, Ye Men has a fight with the bullying princess of the tribe and cuts her face with a knife. Fearing the chief’s revenge, Ye Men has to leave the village and bids farewell to her childhood sweetheart, Ai Yong, who has promised to take care of her and her foster grandma. Ye Men ends up in Beijing working in a restaurant as a waitress and singer, in an attempt to break away from tribal customs. Coen, who happens to be dining in the restaurant, witnesses how Ye Men handles a harassing male customer, and is duly impressed. He leaves his business card on the table. Ye Men shows up at Coen’s rehearsal hall and accepts his offer to join his dance troupe, only to be plunged into her romantic and pathetic destiny with Coen in this Beijing version of Prosper Merimée’s classic tale.



Born in 1976, Wang Fan trained in traditional Chinese dance at an early age. She graduated from Xi’an International Studies University in 2000 and Beijing Film Academy with a master’s degree in 2006. Founder of Beijing Film Co-productions, she has documented various dance performances and international dance exchange events, such as the China Europe Cultural Exchange in Belgium and Israel. She assisted director Bruce Beresford on MAO’S LAST DANCER (2008) and showed her own dance documentary, Taste of Body, at the 2012 Montreal World Film Festival.



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