2015, Colour, Romania, First Films World Competition


Production Team

Director : Vlad Paunescu

Screenwriter : Vlad Paunescu, Mihai Manescu

Cinematographer : Adrian Silisteanu

Editor : Dan Nanoveanu

Cast : Rodica Lazar, Tudor Chirila, Crina Tofan, Ioana Blaj, Andrei Hutuleac

Music : Petru Margineanu

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Vlad Paunescu, Castel Film, Matei Voievod 94 Bis, 021457 Bucarest (Roumanie), tél.: +4021 222 55 65,



From a troubled child in an orphanage Ema has grown up to be the beautiful and charismatic anchor at the national television network, the star of a highly-rated tabloid show. A dogged journalist, she pursues stories and interview subjects everywhere, never hesitating to risk health or money for higher ratings. But this tenacity and determination eventually plunges her into the middle of a huge political and financial scandal which will dramatically change her life. Ema discovers that appearances are grossly deceiving and behind the things that are happening to her are people she never suspected. It seems that they have engineered things behind the scene and have used Ema to achieve their dirty plans. Can she reconcile her life and career with the truth?



Vlad Paunescu heads one of Romania’s largest full service film and television production companies Castel Film, which has produced over 160 movies. He has worked as a cinematographer on many of them. LIVE marks his directorial debut in features.



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