2015, Colour, Kosovo, Macédonie, First Films World Competition



Production Team

Director : Darijan Pejovski

Screenwriter : Darijan Pejovski, Igor Ivanov

Cinematographer : Dimo Popov

Editor : Vladimir Pavlowski

Cast : Irena Ristic, Kamka Tocinovski, Adem Karaga, Milica Stojanova, Salaetin Bilal

Music : Aleksandar Pejovski

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Tom Slakovski, Skopje Film Studio, Slavejko Arsov 15, 1000 Skopje (Macédoine), tél.: +39 (92) 329 65 15, [email protected] / Ikone Studio, Pristina (Kosovo), [email protected]



Having killed a man in self-defence, Marika, a prostitute, wants to get out of the city. On a train she meets Jana, a shy woman in her late 30s who is travelling to her cottage in the mountains. Just what Marika needs. The house, empty for years, was where Jana grew up with her twin sister Kristina. Their father Josif, a prominent politician, built a hotel on the property, but after several incidents he committed suicide. The hotel, now in ruins, belongs to Jana. But there is someone else in the village who would like to change that: Genz, the village policeman. Genz, is suspicious about Jana’s new friend and soon discovers that Marika is wanted for murder. Long wanting the hotel property for himself, he now blackmails Jana, threatening the two women with jail. Jana, having no choice, accepts. Perhaps too easily. Why has she returned to the village after all these years? It isn’t long before Marika herself discovers a few secrets...



Born in 1983, Macedonian filmmaker Darijian Pejovski graduated from the Department of Film and TV directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje. He has directed several short films: About 3 Minutes (2002), City Bus Symphony (2003), 15 Seconds (2004), A Message (2006), Delirium (2009), Opera (2012, a segment of SKOPJE REMIXED) and 409 (2012). THREE DAYS IN SEPTEMBER is his first fiction.



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