2015, Colour, Brazil, First Films World Competition



Production Team

Director : Aly Muritiba

Screenwriter : Aly Muritiba

Cinematographer : Pablo Baião

Editor : João Menna Barreto

Cast : Fernando Alves Pinto, Lourinelson Vladmir, Mayana Neiva, Giuty Biancato, Vinicius Sabbag, Michelle Pucci

Music : Luca Ortega

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Antônio Junior, Marisa Merlo, Aly Muritiba, Grafo Audiovisual, Rua Dr. Pedrosa, 430, ap 03, tél.: +55 (41) 30 95 06 08, [email protected]



After the loss of his wife Ana, Fernando becomes a quiet and introspective man, who raises his son Daniel by himself. Every night, while the boy sleeps, he recalls his love by organizing her personal belongings. One day he watches one of her VHS tapes and finds out that she had been unfaithful. Fernando decides to get to know the man who ruined the image he had of his beloved wife... “Every affective relationship is built upon the said and the unsaid. Lovers reveal themselves while they hide who they really are, what they really think and do. This is where we find stimulation and anguish between lovers. The incapacity to fully know the other person is what truly motivates us and at the same time scares us.” -- Aly Muritiba



Born 1979, Aly Muritiba studied history and took a master’s in communications before settling on film and television. He has eight short films to his credit. A fabrica was shortlisted for the Oscars and has collected several international prizes. Patio was selected for the Critics’ Week at Cannes, and A Gente won a a prize at Leipzig. His latest short, Tarantula, was selected for this year’s Venice Festival. TO MY BELOVED marks his debut in features.



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