2015, Colour, Spain, World Greats


Production Team

Director : Gonzalo Tapia

Screenwriter : Michel Gaztambide, Gonzalo Tapia

Cinematographer : Hermes Marco

Editor : José Salcedo

Cast : Pablo Rivero, Hermann Bonnin, Natalia Plasencia, Manuel Manquiña, Roberto Álvarez, Abdelatif Hwidar, Paco Gisbert

Music : Enric Monfort

Film production and Sales : Prod.: One Eyed Films. Piluca Baquero, Gaia Audiovisuals S.L., Museo 6, PTA. 3, 46003 Valencia (Espagne), tél.: +34 (607) 302 403,



April, 1956. The last days of the Spanish presence in Morocco. Santiago, a young lawyer and adopted son of a distinguished pro-Franco politician, arrives in Tetouan, capital of the protectorate. His mission is to find a family that might be his own. Weeks before, he had received an anonymous note and a picture. His first steps seem to close the case: a few pieces of information about the family, the burned house where they died and three graves. These discoveries and other signs torment him. A singular man called “the German” will help him, trick him and involve in a shady scheme taking place in the suffocating streets of Tétouan. Santiago will come across young woman ?an elegant and attractive woman who lives with her father in the old burned house. They didn’t know the family that lived there before, but they share some secret bonds and Santiago will discover them. Tetouan seemed a proper place to wrap up the business, but it’s starting to be more than that ?it will help him to find out who he really is and what happened that ominous night when a family was murdered. Santiago will wonder then, what use does the truth have? Is it important to know? He will be the only one who can answer those questions.



Born in Avilés in 1963, Spanish filmmaker Gonzalo Tapia graduated in film editing and direction from the London International Film School and began his professional career in England editing and making music videos. Back in Madrid he co-founded La Iguana Productions with Icar Bollaín. He has several scripts to his credit and has conducted screenwriting and directing seminars. He has served on the ICAA (Spanish Department of Culture) committee responsible for screenplay grants. He wrote, produced and made his own directorial debut in 2001 with LENA, winner of several awards at Spanish and European festivals.



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