2015, Colour, Belgium, Finland, Hollande, Mexico, World Greats


Production Team

Director : Peter Greenaway

Screenwriter : Peter Greenaway

Cinematographer : Reinier Van Brummelen

Editor : Elmer Leupen

Cast : Elmer Bäck, Luis Alberti, Maya Zapata, Rasmus Slatis, Jakob Öhrman, Lisa Owen, Stelio Savante

Music : Patrick Lemmens

Film production and Sales : Prod. & Ventes/Sales: BRUNO FELIX, FEMKE WOLTING, SAN FU MALTHA, CRISTINA VELASCO L., Submarine, Arie Biemondstraat 111 (LAB111), 1054 PD Amsterdam (Pays-Bas), tél.: +31 (20) 820 49 40, info@submarine.nl.



In 1931, at the height of his artistic powers, Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein travels to Mexico to shoot a new film to be titled Que Viva Mexico. Freshly rejected by Hollywood and under increasing pressure to return to Stalinist Russia, Eisenstein arrives at the city of Guanajuato. Chaperoned by his guide Palomino Cañedo, he vulnerably experiences the ties between Eros and Thanatos, sex and death, happy to create their effects in cinema, troubled to suffer them in life. Peter Greenaway’s film explores the mind of a creative genius facing the desires and fears of love, sex and death through ten passionate days that helped shape the rest of the career of one of the greatest masters of cinema. “Eisenstein's sensual Mexican experience appears to have been pivotal in his life and film career -- a significant hinge between the early successes of STRIKE, POTEMKIN, and OCTOBER, which made him a world-renowned figure, and his hesitant later career with ALEXANDER NEVSKY, IVAN THE TERRIBLE and THE BOYAR’S PLOT.” -- Peter Greenaway



Born in Newport, Wales in 1942, Peter Greenaway worked as an artist and editor at the British government’s Central Office of Information. He directed numerous short films and documentaries which soon came to international attention. In his work he has often collaborated with composers such as Philip Glass, John Cage and Michael Nyman. His feature debut, THE DRAUGHTMAN’S CONTRACT (1982,) signaled his international breakthrough as a director. Alongside his films, he has also created numerous installations and multimedia projects. Recent film credits: NIGHTWATCHING (2007) REMBRANDT’S J’ACCUSE (2008), GOLTZIUS AND THE PELICAN COMPANY (2012).



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