2014, Colour, Lithuania, United Kingdom, World Greats


Production Team

Director : Robert Mullan

Screenwriter : Tracy Moreton, Robert Mullan

Cinematographer : Tomas Vilys

Editor : Laurie Yule

Cast : Nikolaj Antonov, Josif Baliukevic, Valentinas Kaplunas, Jelena Kirejeva, Marija Korenkaite, Milana Kulikauskaite

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Charlotte Arden, Arturas Dvinelis, Gizmo Films, 13 Queensborough Mews, Londres W2 3SG (Royaume-Uni), tél.: +44 (077) 8612 77 96, [email protected]



5th September 1969, and Gitel Bargman is about to attend a party to celebrate her 33rd birthday. But for her it is hardly cause for celebration. She is racked with guilt for simply being alive. Attractive, intelligent and witty, Gitel is a successful violinist who lives in a Kuybyshev (USSR) apartment. To the outsider, she has everything. But Gitel hides a secret. She's a haunted woman: haunted not only by painful memories of the past, but also by the ghosts of her two sisters who died when she, by a mere quirk of fate, survived. And because she lives in the past, Gitel cannot embrace her future. To love, and to be loved in return, remains an impossible dream. October 13, 1941, the Ninth Fort, Kovno, Lithuania. A horrified young Gitel watches helplessly as her parents and both sisters are murdered in the extermination camp at Kovno. She is standing alone, frozen with terror. Since that day Gitel has received “visitations” from her two dead sisters, Zelde and Chayke....



British Author, screenwriter and filmmaker Robert Mullan founded Gizmo Films and has produced over 40 documentary films for Channel 4, BBC 2, Discovery, Vision TV, and ZDF, including both the award-winning The Man Under the Sea, which follows the last few months in the life of Norwegian writer, Axel Jensen and Bhagwan: My Dance is Complete. He’s the author of 21 non-fiction books. Selected filmography: Second Time Around: Motown (1991), What's in a Name? (1992), The Other Peter Jay (1995), In the Footsteps of Ambedkar (1989), Azerbaijan Land of Fire (1998), Letters to Sofija (2013), We Will Sing (2015).



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