2015, Colour, South Korea, World Greats


Production Team

Director : Jan Moon-il

Screenwriter : Jang Moon-il

Cinematographer : Kim Young-ho, Lee Tae-oh

Editor : Shin Min-kyung, Han Young-gyu

Cast : Hwang Jung-eum, Lee Jong-hyuk, Choi Yeojin

Music : Jung Cha-sik

Film production and Sales : Prod.: KIM Sang-young, HAN Sang-bum, ifilm Corporation, 801 Academy Tower, 968-2 Hwajung-dong Dukyang-gu Goyang-si Gyunggi-do (Corée du Sud), tél.: +82-2-6005-6912,jaeseonbang@gmail.com.



In a small seaside village, where all the young men have left for the city, three young women, Jae-hwa, Yoo-ja, and Mi-ja hope to catch the eye of Joon-seob, the only eligible bachelor left in town. Jae-hwa has plans to make her family prosperous by raising pigs, but the endeavour is more difficult than she imagined: the pigs keep wandering away. They roam the town and every now and then get stuck in a rut. A rumour spreads that Jae-hwa’s mother is having an affair. Not that it matters to her father, who is generally drunk, or to her younger brother, who keeps getting into fights. Joon-seob, who has stood by Jae-hwa despite her family’s stream of misfortunes finally take his relationship with Jae-hwa to another level, and they begin dating. But Yoo-ja and Mi-ja aren’t about to give up. They begin to scheme...



Born in Cholla province, South Korea in 1963, Chang Moon-il graduated in Oriental studies from Hongik University but quickly embarked on a career in cinema. He apprenticed under Park Kwang-soo on I WANT TO GO TO THAT ISLAND (1993) and was assistant director to Jang Sun-woo on I SEND MYSELF TO YOU (1995) and THE PETAL (1996). He made his own directorial debut in 2000 with HAPPY FUNERAL DIRECTOR, shown at the Montreal World Film Festival, and followed with A GOOD DAY TO HAVE AN AFFAIR in 2007.



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