2015, Colour, Egypt, World Greats


Production Team

Director : Ahmed Atef

Screenwriter : Ahmed Atef

Cinematographer : Tamer Joseph

Editor : Mohamed Shami

Cast : Hanan Motawie, Hana Shiha, Ahmed Wafik

Music : Khaled Dagher

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Ahmed Atef, Egypt Films, Mohandessin Towers (A), Ahmed Atef, Maadi Nile, Corniche, le Caire (Égypte), tél.: +20 (10) 0141 00 88, [email protected]



A young blogger who lost both eyes during the Egyptian Revolution recounts in flashback the events of the “spring” that eventually came to his country. He tells how he and his friends were able to move a mountain. The story dissects the difficult days which marked the birth pangs and how five bloggers embarked on an effort to find the spark that would ignite the revolution after a whole country had been teetering on the brink for years. This film is based on the true story of five young blogger activists who helped inspire the Egyptian rebellion. Initially, the flagrant fixing of the 2010 parliamentary elections by Mubarak and his desire to pass power on to his son propel them to escalate their confrontation with the regime. Their journeys to different parts of Egypt lead them to realise that Mubarak has turned the Egyptians into bystanders or martyrs -- bystanders to the ruination of the country or martyrs on its account. The protagonists consider how Egypt may have lost its vitality. Can spring come during winter?



Egyptian filmmaker Ahmed Atef graduated from the Sorbonne and launched and presides over the Arab Cinema Foundation, an NGO aimed for the development of ARAB Cinema. His feature films OMAR 2000 (2000) and DEMONS OF CAIRO (2007) were widely shown and along with his other films and documentaries have garnered numerous awards and plaudits. His company, Egypt Films, specializes in independent cinema and provides services for international films shooting in Egypt. He has been film critic for the major Cairo daily, Al Ahram for the past 15 years.



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