2015, Colour, Japan, Documentaries



Production Team

Director : Keiko Yagi

Screenwriter : Keiko Yagi

Cinematographer : Keiko Yagi

Editor : Keiko Yagi

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Keiko Yagi, YAGI Film Inc.,Citycourt Sakuragaoka 404, Sakukragaoka-Cho 23-17, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150-0031 (Japon), tél.: 81 (90) 4120 43 21, [email protected]



In 2010, THE COVE, a documentary about dolphin hunting in Taiji, Japan, won an Academy Award. The movie certainly brought attention to the whaling issue as a whole. But was the documentary entirely truthful? Did it portray both sides of the story correctly? Or was it a well-crafted story using sensationalized techniques - including hidden cameras - to tell a one-sided portrayal of the problem? More importantly, why has there not been a film from Japan responding to THE COVE? Well, now there is.



After working at Tokyo branches of several major Hollywood film studios, Keiko started her own company YAGI Film Inc. With a strong curiosity and adventurous spirit, Keiko has traveled to many wild unexplored regions, including the Amazon, the Galapagos, Cuba, Israel, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, and India, gaining opportunities to see Japan from the outside. She is often told that she doesn’t look and think like a Japanese.



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