2015, Colour, France, Documentaries


Production Team

Director : Sabrina Van Tassel

Cinematographer : Sabrina Van Tassel

Editor : Yann Leonarduzzi

Music : Olivier Adelen

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Candice Souillac, J2F Production, 21 rue Klock, 92210, Clichy (France).



At first glance, La Muette is a normal low-cost housing project like thousands of others in the Paris area. However, these walls obscure the concentration camp of Drancy where almost 80,000 Jews were held until most of them were sent to Auschwitz. After the war it was turned into a housing development with some of the lowest rents in the Paris suburbs. The current residents often cross the path of former internees during commemorations. They are constantly reminded of the past of the site. As if tragedy were attached to these walls.



Sabrina Van Tassel is a director and a journalist. As an investigative reporter for French TV, she has directed over 40 documentaries since 2004. At the same time she has continued directing independent feature documentaries: MARRIED FOR THE WORST (2004), SHALOM INDIA, TSAHAL’S LOST SOLDIERS (2008), RIVKA’S TRIBE (2010).



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