2015, Colour & B W, South Korea, Documentaries


Production Team

Director : Im Heung-soon

Cinematographer : Sun-young Lee

Editor : Hak-min Lee

Music : Taenon Lee

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Min-kyung Kim, Bandal Doc, 3F, 44-48, Huam-dong, Yung-gu, Séoul (140-899) Corée du Sud, tél.: +82 10 3239 9808, [email protected]



South Korea’s drastic economic development once surprised the rest of the world. However, behind it lay the oppression the marginalized female labourers. The film looks into lives of the working class women engaged in the textile industry of the 1960s, and continues through to the stories of flight attendants, cashiers, and non-regular workers of today. The form of labour seems to change in appearance but the bread-and-butter questions remains still. The film ends up in Cambodia, where we witness a repetition of the exploitation that took place in Korea.



Painter and filmmaker Heung-Soon Im was born in Seoul in 1969. His art works have been exhibited in Gwangju Biennale on three occasions. His filmography includes shorts and feature-length films: Illusion (2006), It’s not a Dream (2010), Long Goodbyes (2011), JEJU PRAYER (2012). FACTORY COMPLEX earned a Silver Lion at the Venice Art Biennale this year.



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