2013, Colour, China, Chinese Cinema of Today


Production Team

Director : Wu Tianming

Screenwriter : Wu Tianming, Luo Xueying, Xiao Jianghong

Cinematographer : Wang Tianlin

Editor : Peng Wang

Cast : Li Mincheng, Zheng Wei, Hu Xianxu, Zhang Xiqian, Chi Peng, Ji Bo

Music : Zhang Dalong

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Wu Tianming, Xi'an Qujiang Dremagarden Pictures, Room 501, Unit 5, Building 31, Yuhuayum Yili, District Daxing, Beijing 102627 (Chine), tél.: +86 13810096981, [email protected]



As a boy, You Tianming is apprenticed to suona master Jiaosan and is gradually initiated into the art of playing the suona, a Chinese musical instrument used at weddings, funerals and other important occasions. Tianming witnesses the decline of ancient traditions, but while suona ensembles break up and musicians seek work in the city as labourers, Tianming keeps faith with his master’s commitment to the art. When Master Jiao passes away, Tianming plays the “Song of the Phoenix” at his graveside, a piece played to commemorate only the most venerated members of the community.



Wu Tianming was born in Shaanxi Province, China in 1939 and attended the Beijing Film Academy before launching his lengthy career as a producer and director. Selected filmography: QIN JUAN (1980), RIVER WITHOUT BUOYS (1984), THE OLD WELL (1986), THE KING OF MASKS (1996), AN UNUSUAL LOVE (2000), CEO (2002). Wu Tianming died on March 4, 2022 in Beijing.



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