2014, Colour, France, Focus on World Cinema


Production Team

Director : Fred Nicolas

Screenwriter : Fred Nicolas, François Bégaudeau

Cinematographer : Sébastien Buchmann

Editor : Mike Fromentin, Gilda Fine

Cast : Camélia Pand'Or, Jisca Kalvanda, Adam Hegazy, Alvie Bitemo Mamounga, Norbert Godji, Martial Bezot

Music : Simon Neel, Camélia Pand’Or

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Elisabeth Perez, Alpha Violet, 14 rue Soleillet, BL 64, 75020 Paris (France), tél.: (+33-01),



Lenny is a wild and solitary 19-year-old from the projects north of Marseille. She expresses the hardships of daily life through rap, which is also her way of escaping from it. One evening, when she’s sneaked off to rehearse at the site of an abandoned building, Lenny runs into Max, a young Congolese woman without immigration papers, who is blown away by her voice and the power of her lyrics. From that point on, the two girls form a special bond. “Two winning performances deliver the necessary heart and grit.” -- Boyd van Hoeij (Hollywood Reporter)



French filmmaker Fred Nicolas has worked as assistant director for numerous directors including Erick Zonca, Arnaud Despleschin, Pierre Salvadori, Sandrine Veysset, Robert Guédiguian and Marina De Van. He directed the short film Vivre (2000), which was selected for numerous festivals, and the documentary Rouge Bandit (2009). MAX & LENNY is his first feature.



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