2014, Colour, France, Morocco, Focus on World Cinema


Production Team

Director : Mohamed Mouftakir

Screenwriter : Mohamed Mouftakir

Cinematographer : Xavier Castro

Editor : Sophie Foudrinoy, Leila Dynar

Cast : Younes Migri, Fehd Benchemsi, Mohamed Bastaoui, Mohamed Choubi, Majdouline Idrissi, El Jihani Ilyas

Music : Didier Lockwood

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Mohamed Mouftakir, Emmanuel Prévost, Chama Film, Bloc 21, rue 1, nº 87 Hay Mohammedi, Casablanca (Maroc), [email protected]



In the early years of the reign of Hassan II, Houcine, a fan of the new king is the director of a popular orchestra and the proud father of Mimou. Houcine and his family live in the family home of his wife, Halima, where a stream of colourful characters cross paths with the orchestra members and the dancers who accompany them. This is a very particular troupe, male musicians who are sometimes forced to pretend that they are blind in order to play at parties reserved for women in conservative Moroccan familes. Things get really interesting when young Minou runs into Chama, the neighbour’s new maid...



Son of the noted Moroccan violinist Houcine Mouftakir, Mohamed Mouftakir first took English literature at Casablanca University, then studied screenwriting and film direction in France. Selected filmography: L’Ombre de la mort (2003), La Danse du foetus (2005), Chant funèbre (2006), Fin du mois (2007), Terminus des anges (2008) and PÉGASE (2010).



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