2015, Colour, Liberia, USA, Focus on World Cinema


Production Team

Director : Takeshi Fukunaga

Screenwriter : Takeshi Fukunaga, Donari Braxton

Cinematographer : Ryo Murakami, Owen Donovan

Editor : Takeshi Fukunaga, Eugene Yi

Cast : Bishop Blay, Zenobia Taylor, Duke Murphy Dennis, Rodney Rogers-Beckley, David Roberts

Music : Tyondai Braxton

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Donari Braxton, Mike Fox, Television Pictures, 250 Union Avenue, # 4B, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (États-Unis), [email protected] / Imperfectfilms, New York, NY (États-Unis), [email protected]



Cisco works as a rubber tree tapper under miserably working conditions on a rubber plantation in Liberia. Making bold on an opportunity to move to America, he heads for New York to join his cousin and finds work as a taxi driver; he plans to send the money he earns home to his wife and two children. In the tiny community of ex-pat Liberians he is reunited with Jacob, an old acquaintance he had long since erased from his memory, but who now brings back recollections of the time when they were both child soldiers...



Takeshi Fukunaga is a Japanese filmmaker based in New York. OUT OF MY HAND, his directorial debut film, had its world premiere in the Panorama section at Berlin International Film Festival and won the U.S. Fiction Award, the top prize at Los Angeles Film Festival. His previous credits include two shorts, The Hole in the Sky (2007) and K (2009).



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