2015, Colour, Australia, China, Focus on World Cinema


Production Team

Director : Emma Jaay

Screenwriter : Emma Jaay

Cinematographer : Husain Amer

Editor : Ryan Walsh

Cast : Emma Jaay, Martin Butz, Carlotta Trevisan, Levi Woodard, Shao Yue Heng, Zhou Le, Fu Song

Music : Travis Ash

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Emma Jaay, Em Jaay Productions, 12 Lang Road, Centennial Park, Sydney NSW 2021 (Australie), [email protected] / Beijing Meishao Media Co. Ltd., Beijing (Chine).



Sophie, a young blogger living in the historic laneways of Beijing, is struggling to accept the abrupt departure of her best friend during a visa crackdown. The future is uncertain -- for the foreigners with their temporary (and at times dubious) visas, their Chinese friends with their nontraditional lifestyles, and even the old streets themselves, falling under the hammers of the developers. Sophie makes sense of the rhythm of change, loss, heartbreak and the sheer exhilaration of being young in the best way she knows how -- by creating a cabaret on the streets she loves but can never own.



Emma Jaay (b. 1991) is an Australian filmmaker and actor based in Beijing. She grew up in Hong Kong, moving to China before finishing her studies in Sydney. She started in theatre, shifting to film through her acting work with Chinese producer Zhao Xiao Tong (film currently in post-production). BEIJING BEING is her first feature film.



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