2015, Colour, Portugal, Focus on World Cinema


Production Team

Director : João Leitão

Screenwriter : João Leitão, Nuria Leon Bernardo

Cinematographer : Mario Costa

Editor : Mario Costa

Cast : Gonçalo Waddington, David Chan Cordeiro, José Pinto, Miguel Guilherme

Music : Pedro Marques

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Manuel Barbosa, João Leitão, Individeos, R. Rainha D. Estefania 246, 5o Andar, Sala 15, 4150-202 Porto (Portugal), tél.: 914851296, the



A parody of Portugal's first superhero: Captain Falcon. A fearless defender of the fascist regime of the 1960s, Falcon, along with his Asian sidekick, Partridge Kick, defends his nation against various threats: evildoers, thieves, and above all, the Red Peril: communists! But one day, Lisbon, the capital, starts experiencing mysterious attacks, and no one is sure who's behind it all. Will Captain Falcon save the country once again?



Portuguese filmmaker João Leitão (b. 1982) launched his independent film production company – Individeos – with his partner Manuel Barbosa by producing the Portuguese cult TV series Um Mundo Catita which he also wrote and directed. He later directed the short film The Great Monteleone, and experimented with the concept of Captain Falcon as a short film in 2013.



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