Corner and the Cutman

2015, Colour, Australia, Focus on World Cinema - short films


Production Team

Director : Daniel Holliday

Screenwriter : Daniel Holliday

Cinematographer : T. Oxford

Editor : Daniel Holliday

Cast : Sinead Curry. Michael Yore, Jim Gosden, Tristan McKinnon, Amanda Sullo

Music : Daniel Holliday

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Amelia Jenner, Lilly Powell, Dead Man, 13/52 Regent St, Sydney, NSW, 2008 (Australie), [email protected] .



A young boxer simultaneously uncovers one murder while being party in another.



-- Holder of degrees in philosphy and film theory, Daniel Holliday founded Dead Man, a production house in Sydney. He previously directed Aquarium (2013) and Fascination (2013).



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Monday September 7, 2022 - 09:30 PM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 14


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