2015, Colour, USA, Focus on World Cinema


Production Team

Director : Kent Moran

Screenwriter : Kent Moran

Cinematographer : Giacomo Belleti

Editor : Kent Moran, Anthony Muzzatti

Cast : Kent Moran, Michael Clarke Duncan, S. Epatha Merkerson, Justin Hartley

Music : Pinar Toprak

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Kent Moran, Adam Hawkey, Ellyette Eleni, Wishing Well Pictures, Inc., 3012 Arrowhead Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068 (États-Unis), tél.: (213) 400-4772, [email protected]



When they are evicted from their home, struggling Bronx auto mechanic Jaden Miller will do everything in his power to save he and his mother from living on the streets. With the help of legendary trainer, Duane Taylor (Michael Clarke Duncan), Miller soon finds that boxing is their ticket to a better life. Earning the title “Bronx Boy” Miller becomes a local hero. After winning a big fight, a cable network takes notice and decides to give Miller his own TV show, “The Challenger”, which will follow him all the way to the light-heavyweight title.



Born in New York and raised in Connecticut, Kent Moran moved to Los Angeles to launch his acting career soon impersonating James Dean in a documentary and ads. In 2010 he wrote and starred in LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, a romantic drama that won awards at several festivals. THE CHALLENGER, his directorial debut, stars the late Michael Clarke Duncan in his last role.



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