To the Top

2015, Colour, Switzerland, Focus on World Cinema - short films


Production Team

Director : Tizian Büchi

Screenwriter : Tizian Büchi

Cinematographer : Gabriel Lobos

Editor : Thomas Marchand

Cast : Jenna Hasse, Thomas Coumans

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Élodie Brunner, Box Productions, rue de la Savonnerie 4, CH1020, Renens SW (Suisse), [email protected]



Maxime and Anna go for a hike on the mountain, reawakening memories of earlier times, those summers they still felt in love.



-- After completing his studies in film and arts at the University of Lausanne, Tizian Büchi worked as a programmer in various Swiss festivals. He is currently pursuing his master’s in filmmaking.



Monday August 31, 2022 - 08:00 PM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 11
Monday September 7, 2022 - 07:00 PM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 12


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