2014, Colour, Argentina, Focus on World Cinema


Production Team

Director : Gabriel Patricio Bertini

Screenwriter : Gabriel Patricio Bertini

Cinematographer : Flavio Dragoset

Editor : Franco Tedesco

Cast : Darío Levy, Elena Boggan, Luciano Suardi, Luis Morgani, Lorena Vega, Laura López Moyano, Luciana Lamoglia

Music : Javier Veraldi

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Garbriel Patricio Bertini, Cine Dependiente Producciones, San José de Colosonz 406, Buenos Aires (Argentine),



Alberto Franccioni is a federal judge from a powerful family in Argentina. He lives with his ill daughter Carola, with whom he can not build a bond. His employees Pepe and Mirta take care of the house and garden and home by hanging around the recesses of the house. Alberto orders a snack prepared for an important meeting with the governor in the afternoon. Throughout the day, Alberto receives different people of his inner circle and must make decisions that they do not dare to take, empowering himself with full control of all aspects of his own life along with those of the others...



Born in Buenos Aires in 1975 Gabriel Patricio Bertini was raised in Patagonia where he shot his first film, Camino equivocado in 1993. He studied film and photography and resumed making short films: Mom? (1994), The East (1995), Let Me Do It (1996), 73 (1997). In 2002 he directed his first feature, CAPITAL RANCHO (2002) and he made THE RELAPSE in 2012.



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