2014, Colour & B W, Italy, USA, Focus on World Cinema


Production Team

Director : Massimo Ali Mohammad

Screenwriter : Massimo Ali Mohammad

Cinematographer : Edo Tagliavini

Editor : Massimo Ali Mohammad

Cast : Edoardo Siravo, Mary di Tommaso, Massimo Malucelli, Stefano Muroni, Filippo Parma

Music : Donald Sosin

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Richard Meyer, Susan Harmon, Meyerhar Productions, 1213 E. Shelby Street, # 9, Seattle, WA 98102 (États-Unis), tél.: +1 (756) 215-1018,



In 2012, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck northern Italy, severely affecting the historic city of Ferrara and surrounding areas and causing significant damage to the region's Medieval and Renaissance architecture. However, a cracked wall in Ferrara's municipal building revealed a hidden treasure: several cans of old film. Could this be the long-lost silent romance written and directed by the Lumini brothers of Ferrara in the early 1920s? Can the deteriorated film be restored so new audiences around the world can enjoy this moving story of lovers caught up in the events of World War I?



Massimo Alì Mohammad was born in Naples (1983) to an Italian mother and Pakistani father. He studied at Naples University L’Orientale and started to shoot short films. In 2008, he won special jury mention at the Torino Festival with The Grandmother. Other films: Alone in the Memory (2002), Star and Stripes (2005), Apology of Separation (2014). LOVE AMONG THE RUINS is his first feature.



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