Awards of the Montreal World Film Festival - 1990




Shabana Azmi, actress (India) President

Damiano Daminani, director (Italy)

Rock Demers, producer (Canada)

Xie Fei, director (China)

Antonio Gimenez-Rico, réalisateur (Spain)

Peter Rainer, film critic (U.S.A.)

Pierre Rissient, director and script-writer (France)



 Feature films:

 Grand Prix of the Americas / Best film:

« Fallen from Heaven » (Caidos del cielo) by Francisco Lombardi (Peru-Spain)


Special Grand Prix of the Jury:

« Funeral Ceremony » (Smutecni Slavnost) by Zdenek Sirovy (Czechoslovakia)

« Landscape with a Woman » (Zena s krajolikom) by Ivica Matic (Yugoslavia)


Best director:

« Ballad of the Yellow River » by Teng Wenji (China)


Best Actress:

Natalia Goundareva in the film « Dog’s Feast » by Leonid Menaker (U.S.S.R.)


Best Actors:

Marcel Leboeuf in the film « Rafales » by André Mélançon (Canada)

Andres Pajares in the film « Ay, Carmela! » by Carlos Saura (Spain)


Best Screenplay:

« Princes in Exile » by Giles Walker (Canada), screenplay by Joe Wiesenfeld


Best Artistic Contribution:

« Mt. Aso’s Passions » by Kei Kumai (Japan)

« Waltzing Regitze » (Dansen med Regitze) by Kaspar Rostrup (Denmark)


Festival Award for Best Achievement in Cinema:

Claudia Cardinale on the occasion of the presentation of the film « Atto di dolore » by Pasquale Squitieri (Italy)


Festival Award:

Stanislas Govoroukhin for is contribution to the understanding of history on the occasion of the presentation of his film « This Is No Way to Live ».


Short films:


Best short film:

« Feelings of Mountains and Waters » by Te Wei (China)


Jury Award for short film:

« Overdose » by Francesco Ranieri Martinotti, Rocco Mortelliti, Fulvio Ottaviano (Italy)


Other Awards:


Montreal Awards for the Best first fiction feature film:

« Printemps perdu » by Alain Mazars (France)

« Time of the Servants » (Cas Sluhu) by Irena Pavlaskova (Czechoslovakia)


Air Canada Award for the most popular film of the Festival:

« An Imaginary Tale » by Marc-André Forcier (Canada)


International Critics’ Award (FIPRESCI):

For films in competition:

« Landscape with a woman » (Zena s krajolikom) by Ivica Matic (Yugoslavia)

For feature film out of competition:

« December Bride » by Thaddeus O’Sullivan (Ireland)


Ecumenical Jury Award:

« Landscape with a woman » (Zena s krajolikom) by Ivica Matic (Yugoslavia)

Special mention of the ecumenical jury:

« Princes in Exile » by Giles Walker (Canada)



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