Awards of the Montreal World Film Festival - 1987





 Jean Beaudin, director (Canada), President

Sun Daolin, actor (People's Republic of China)

Astrid Henning-Jensen, director (Denmark)

Fulvio Lucisano, producer (Italy)

Jiri Menzel, director (Czechoslovakia)

Miguel Picazo, director (Spain)

Tadao Sato, historian and film critic (Japan)




Feature films:


Grand Prix of the Americas / Best film:

« The Kid Brother » by Claude Gagnon (Canada-U.S.A.-Japan)


Special Jury Award:

« Mi General » by Jaime de Arminan (Spain)


Jury Award:

« The Big Parade » by Chen Kaige (People's Republic of China)


Best actress:

Irina Kupchenko in the film « A Lonely Woman Wishes to Get Acquainted » by Vyacheslov Krishtofovich (U.S.S.R.)


Best Actor:

Leo McKern in the film « Travelling North » by Carl Schultz(Australia)


Short films:


Best Short Film:

« Shoeshine » by Tom Abrams (U.S.A.)


Jury Award:

« George and Rosemary » by Alison Snowden and David Fine (Canada)


Other awards:


Award of the Festival and the Jury:

Eric Rohmer for his work entitled « Comedies and Proverbs » on the occasion of the presentation of « My Girlfriend's Boyfriend » (L'Ami de mon amie) in Official Competition.


Air Canada Award for the most popular film of the Festival:

« Made in Argentina » by Juan José Jusid (Argentina)


O'Keefe Award for the best Canadian feature film:

« Un Zoo la Nuit » by Jean-Claude Lauzon (Canada)


Fipresci Awards:

Best film in Official Competiton

« Whooping Cough » by Peter Gardos (Hungary)

Best film out of competition:

« The Great Race » by Jerzy Domaradzki (Poland)


Ecumenical Jury Awards:

« Mosca Addio » by Mauro Bolognini (Italy)

Special mention:

« Le Grand chemin » by Jean-Loup Hubert (France)



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