Awards of the Montreal World Film Festival - 1985




Ivan Passer, director (U.S.A.) President

Louise Marleau, actress (Canada)

Pedro Crespo, film critic and writer (Spain)

Nikolai Gubenko, director (U.S.S.R.)

Toshiro Mifune, actor (Japan)

Jean-Charles Tacchella, director (France)

Bo Widerberg, director (Sweden)



 Feature films:

 Grand Prix of the Americas / Best film:

« Padre Nuestro » by Francisco Regueiro (Spain)


Special jury award:

« The Philadelphia Attraction » by Peter Gardos (Hungary)


Best actress:

Nicole Garcia in the film « Le 4e pouvoir » by Serge Leroy (France)


Best actor:

Armin Muller-Stahl in the film « Angry Harvest » by Agnieszka Holland (West Germany)


Jury awards:

« He Died With His Eyes Open » (On en meurt que deux fois) by Jacques Deray (France)

« Le Matou » by Jean Beaudin (Canada)


Special jury citation:

« Border Town » by Ling Zifeng (People's Republic of China)


Short films:

 Montreal grand prix:

« The Big Snit » by Richard Condie (Canada)


Jury's prize

« Up » by Mike Hoover, Timothy Huntley (U.S.A.)


Special citation for technical innovation:

« Tony de Peltrie » by Pierre Lachapelle, Philippe Bergeron, Pierre Robidoux, Daniel Langlois (Canada)


Other awards:

Special Grand Prix of the Festival:

Toshiro Mifune for his contribution to the knowledge of Japanese cinema in the Western world.


International press award for the best Canadian film out of competition:

« Pale Face » by Claude Gagnon (Canada)


Air Canada award for the most popular film of the Festival:

« Le Matou » by Jean Beaudin (Canada)



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