‘Youth never returns’ one of the most popular films in China, with youth love as the main theme.

Thursday August 27, 2022

Chinese youth theme films in Montreal continue to be very popular

Each generation has its own special youth memories, but because we cannot turn back the time, we can only recall our memories on the screen. After the 80’s and 90’s, when China gradually became a consumption market, the youth theme reached an important place in the box office.

Youth theme films


Story time

Screening time

Box Office (CAD)

So young (Zhi Qing Chun)

Vicky Zhao


April, 2013


Tiny times 1 (Xiao Shi Dai)

Guo Jingming


June, 2013


Tiny times 2 (Xiao Shi Dai)

Guo Jingming


August, 2013


My old classmate (Tong Zhuo De Ni)

Guo Fan


April, 2014


Fleet of time (Cong Cong Na Nian)

Zhang Yibai


Dec., 2014



With Zhang Han and Joe Chan as leading actors, ‘Youth never returns’ was nominated in 2015 for China Film Channel Media Award and, in the same time, was a finalist of Media Awards, and also of "Beowulf", "Gardenia" (after only 4 days of screening, the box office reached $52.6M), "12 Citizens", etc.

The film was directed by Tian Meng, who also directed the ‘Stubborn radish’ in which the Chinese famous actor, Huang Bo starred (in 2009, he received Taiwan’s Golden Horse Award for best male leading actor; in 2014: Asia Film Grand Prize for the best male supporting role; and in 2015: a nomination for Hong Kong Film Award for the best male leading actor), together with Hong Kong Film Awards’ President, Manfred Wong, as the executive producer.

This time, ‘Youth never returns’ shall present to the public, at Montreal Film Festival - Chinese Cinema Section, one of the most popular films in China, with youth love as the main theme.


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