AMANET - International Première and last screening tonight followed by a Q & A session

Friday September 4, 2022

Communiqué - Montréal, 4 septembre 2015


2014 / Coul. / 78 min / Serbia - Montenegro

Internationale Premiere

Last screening tonight followed by a Q & A session

Dir.: Nemanja  Cipranic.

Int./Cast: Milena Zivanovic, Ljubomir Bulajic, Danica Maksimovic, Svetozar Cvetkovic, Goran Radakovic.

Prod.: Nemanja Cipranic

Milena Zivanovic et Nemanja Cipranic

are available for interview until Monday, September 7.



Todor, student who shares a modest life with his mother Radmila one night meets a strange homeless pregnant girl, Visnja, in the bar where he is working. Before he knows it, they’ve fallen in love. Todor decides to get back with his father Tomislav, whom he hasn't seen since birth, hoping to inherit the company that his father had built in the meantime. After Radmila leaves her boyfriend hoping she and Tomislav would be a couple again and Visnja decides not to abort, they all move into Tomislav's villa. But the intricacies of their relationships only grows. It quickly turns out that Tomislav has lung cancer and Todor has become a different person under his father’s influence. And how did Visnja just happen to enter the picture?



INFO Salle de presse : 514-841-2080



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