2015, Colour, Poland, Focus on World Cinema


Production Team

Director : Bartosz Prokopowicz

Screenwriter : Katarzyma Sarnowska

Cinematographer : Jeremiasz Prokopowicz

Editor : Robert Gryka, Piotr Kmiecik

Cast : Agnieszka Zulewska, Tomasz Schuhardt, Eryk Lubos, Danuta Stenka, Anna Cie?lak, Adam Woronowicz

Music : Natalia Grosiak, Dawid Korbaczynski

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Klaudia Smieja, Katarzyna Sarnowska, Bartosz Prokopowicz, Filmokracja Sp z.o.o., Rejtana 14/9 00-516 Varsovie (Pologne),



Thirty-year-old Benek is suffering from an existential crisis. One day, he meets and is mesmerized by Lena, a beautiful young woman. They set off on a wild journey, during which Benek learns that there is someone else in Lena’s life. She has stage 3 cancer, which she has no intention of treating. Benek’s admiration is mixed with fear; he promises to stay with Lena until the very end. CHEMO is inspired by the true story of Magdalena Prokopowicz, founder of the Rak’n’Roll Foundation.



An experienced cinematographer and director, Bartosz Prokopowicz has worked with such noted Polish filmmakers as Krzysztof Krauze, Andrzej Wajda, Filip Bajon, Feliks Falk, shooting more than a dozen feature films and TV plays. He directed over 100 commercials in Poland and abroad for famous international brands. CHEMO is his feature film directorial debut.



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